The nine provinces surrounding our winery are the keepers of a true natural

A territory protected by the Alps and mitigated by the Venice Lagoon, where the Glera grape finds its most genuine expression.

Prosecco Il Colle


Also known as "Riva dei Perer", in the past there was an expanse of pear trees. Today it is the flagship of our cultivation.
Cultivated grape: Glera.

Prosecco Il Colle

Borgo America

Ancient and noble property of a count. In the past, horses with Baio coat roamed its expanses. Today it is our organically managed vineyard.
Grapes cultivated: Glera, Verdiso, Bianchetta and Perera.

Prosecco Il Colle


The first vineyard purchased by our family. The land where everything began, the origin of Il Colle production.
Grapes cultivated: Glera

Prosecco Il Colle


The Conegliano Castle, guardian and bulwark of history, is just a few steps away from this exclusive and sinuous vineyard.
Grapes cultivated: Glera.

Italian excellence

Our Winery is located in San Pietro di Feletto, in the heart of the area between Conegliano and Valdobbiadene. This area is the best for producing Glera grapes, it has the DOCG classification since 2009 and it is UNESCO world heritage site since 2019. The finest wines come from the Cartizze ares: 100 precious hectares where the microclimate combines perfectly to the terroir.

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San Pietro di Feletto:
the cradle of Prosecco

The perfect marriage between the temperate microclimate and the ancient soil allows the production of the renowned Superiore di Cartizze, the flagship wine of our production. A territory where man's centuries-old winemaking experience blends with an incomparable cultural, historical, artistic and enogastronomic richness, the Prosecco Superiore DOCG area is recognized as one of the most important wine districts in Italy. We have always believed in territoriality, in local collaboration, in mutual fidelity, and for more than 35 years we have been collaborating only with a small circle of companies in the area: more than 50 small producers who preserve the rituals of a healthy and authentic harvest.

In a bottle of Il Colle
there is much more than just vineyards.

Our winery is open and eager to introduce each of you to a never boring bouquet of visions and intentions.