After all, you don’t just drink.
The unconventional taste of Il Colle redefines wine as a life experience.

Entrepreneurial audacity and tradition. The perfect recipe for endless love, the union of two kindred spirits.


EU REG. N. 1308/2013

Prosecco il Colle - About us

A small core and a big vision can, together, give life to a unique idea. The solid roots of a father like Fabio and a mother like Gianna have given our minds the possibility to blossom and flourish in a luxuriant way. We siblings Andrea, Francesco and Sara are the tripartite personality of a company that wants to push its limits, accelerating the spirit of experimentation. Intuitive spirit, broad-mindedness and entrepreneurial skills help us to excel in a niche territory, through an exclusive and exquisite proposal.

About us

We welcome every guest on the road to delight with a deja vù of incredible taste feats.

Our winery is open and eager to introduce each of you to a never boring bouquet of visions and intentions.